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You're Human To Me by Demonflames
You're Human To Me
This sketch is of my male alter-ego named Ashton Leo (Al for short) comforting Clear from Dramatical Murder (or DMMD as it's been shortened.)
I recently rewatched both the anime and a walkthrough of Clear's route. I cannot put enough emphasis on how much I love Clear. He was afraid to show people his face because he had been made to wear that mask. He just wants to be human and live life his own way but he isn't able to until after he takes drastic measures.
I felt my heart wrench when it came to his story most of all. Mainly because I feel I can relate to him...minus the fact that he's technically a robot. XD

Ashton Leo: Me
Clear & Dmmd: Nitro + Chiral
Skylark by Demonflames
This 18 year cutie emerges in Fairy Tail around the Grand Magic Games arc. She's an OC of mine who is a requip mage that idolizes Erza. She was raised as a knight before she learned that she was the illegitimate daughter to a princess in a neighboring kingdom. After that she ran away and trained herself to be a better person than the mother who abandoned her. Along the way she met Sting and Rogue who she befriended. Only for the twin dragons to find out she was from a rival guild. They fought in public, keeping their friendship secret. Eventually adding Sky's closest friend Rune to the group. Sky is protective of Rune as if she were her younger sister. Without Rune, Sky wouldn't have gotten far. Rune is her light. After all, Sky has a reason she was named the Terror Queen. Her past drove her to madness and darkness. When she met Rune, she gained a purpose and reason to change.

Skylark: me
Rune: :iconsolar-sensei:
Fairy Tail and it's characters: Hiro Mashima


Ash Dunn
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a bit on the oddball side with things. I love to draw and, with some drawings, turn them into more anime styled (like what you'd actually see in a show) pictures. I write as well but you won't see much of that on here compared to my facebook or figment accounts. I'm a free spirit with a WILD imagination. I get my inspiration for my drawings from EVERYTHING. Whether it be a show, an experience, a word, it doesn't matter. Give me the word 'cat' and I'd probably wind up drawing something like catwoman and an army of felines behind her. XD It's that easy.
If you want to know more about me just message me. I'm an open book...for the most part. ^^

Shhh....I'm stalking them....and many others....
:iconaqua999: :iconsolar-sensei: :iconthedarknesswolf: :iconedwinhuang: :iconcircus-usagi: :iconkawaiistarfruit: :iconmzzazn: :iconshizuofan: :iconca-jas: :iconshikniful: :iconmiss-couru: :iconsapphiresenthiss: :icongatanii69:

My other pages: =… =… =…
So I decided to put some of my sketched line-art things up for peeps to use for their coloring practice or whatever.
All I ask is that I am given credit for the original sketch and shown the final colored version. I like to see what other people do with my sketches. ^^

Sketches up for coloring (More may be added in time) :
Beauty Comes In All Sizes by Demonflames

The Life Of A Drifter Is A Lonely One by Demonflames

Dragon Wolf Pup by Demonflames

Ash and Seth Sketch by Demonflames

Danny The Dragon by Demonflames  with this pic please also credit :iconaqua999: for the base I used to reference it which is here:…

Natasha and Seth Sketch by Demonflames  with this pic you can remove the letters

Markona by Demonflames

Raichu Gijinka Outline by Demonflames

Mew Gijinka Outline by Demonflames

Chu Siblings Gijinka Outline by Demonflames

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Thanks for the faves :3
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Hahaha no prob. I love your cosplays! ^^
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Demonflames Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well alrighty then lolz A dancing Dean xD
comiKazzie Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I dunno I saw that and thought of you. :lmao:
Demonflames Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahahaha I'm glad you did cuz that was very entertaining xD
Solar-Sensei Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Professional General Artist
Then here's the creature! XD Think of those little blue strands coming from her hair.…

Picture by my good friend Blue-Hearts. =3 Not for me but still just a ref. XD
Demonflames Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
ah I see. The creature looks intriguing and I think it works really well. :)
Solar-Sensei Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Professional General Artist
Great! ^^ I going to call the girl Ciello. She's the really sweet type and hates hurting anyone, but will fight if she has to. Also loves the water. Rain, snow, anything weather related that isn't just sunny.
Demonflames Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Pretty name. I bet she'll be interesting. :)
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